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  1. Hello,

    Have you taken a look at the example code included with the library? It demonstrates all of the functions that are used with the controller. If your crane uses servos, all you will need to do is map the controller data to the servos. My RC car code on this website demonstrates this.

  2. Hello, sorry for my bad English, I’m Brazilian. I’m setting up a crane project, the control will be done by Arduino, but I’m a beginner in that. I wanted to know how I do the commands and everything to use the ps3 control or the new control of xbox one s that has bluetooth, my email is, and if you can help I thank you very much.

  3. hello there, you have done a great job in this project. good work.

    i am doing a project similar to this . but i am not using bluetooth device . i want to control it through joystick via ZigBee (xBee) and my motors are not excle one. these are simple dc motors. i want to control the robot through joystick and trasmitt data via Zigbee.

    if you can reply me soon that would be of great help. Thankyou.
    (sorry for bad english)

  4. Hi Ricardo,

    I do not see a difference in the two lines of code that you included in your comment (it looks like the pin numbers are missing). I have had trouble posting certain symbols before (as they get interpreted as HTML code). Try sending the same text to my email: Until I can see the code I won’t be much help.



  5. Hey i had a quick question and I am having trouble using the Arduino mega and the USB host shield. On the the USBcore.h file I modified the code to:

    typedef MAX3421e MAX3421E; // Official Arduinos (UNO, Duemilanove, Mega, 2560, Leonardo, Due etc.), Intel Edison, Intel Galileo 2 or Teensy 2.0 and 3.0

    Then, uploaded the board_qc sketch to check if everything was operating fine, but nothing was working. From there, I started testing a few things and when I modify the code to

    typedef MAX3421e MAX3421E; // Official Arduinos (UNO, Duemilanove, Mega, 2560, Leonardo, Due etc.), Intel Edison, Intel Galileo 2 or Teensy 2.0 and 3.0

    And I upload the board_qc sketch and everything is working good. I don’t know, find it strange that when you change the pins to it works. So my question is if it only works when i change the pins to and everything is working fine so what pins is the USB host shield actually using for communication with the Arduino mega? Is there any fix?

    Thank you for time

  6. Hi Baran,

    If you open the library folder and search for “rumble” in the keywords.txt file, you will find the following keywords: “setRumbleOff KEYWORD2”, “setRumbleOn KEYWORD2”, “RumbleHigh LITERAL1”, “RumbleLow LITERAL1”.
    If you open the PS3BT.cpp file and search for “rumble” you will find the two functions (KEYWORD2) listed in keyboards.txt (i.e. PS3BT::setRumbleOff() and PS3BT::setRumbleOn(Rumble mode)). It appears that you call setRumbleOff() to turn vibration off, and setRumbleOn(RumbleHigh OR RumbleLow) to turn the vibration on. I do not have the required hardware on me to test this at the moment, but I’m guessing these commands will work. The following commands compile for me:


    Where “PS3” is an instance of PS3BT.

    I hope this helps.



  7. Hi Martyn,

    No, that is not normal. The only thing I can imagine that would cause this is if data was not being received from the controller properly. I would suggest contacting the library developers.



  8. Hi Barret
    I have successfully connected a Sixaxis controller via a bluetooth dongle and I am getting data from the controller as expected. However the joystick appears to stream continuously – is this normal. Thanks for the video instruction- it really helped

  9. Hello, can some help me in creating a Arduino code. I have a Arduino maga, motors control shield, and a USB shield. I want to be able to use a PS3 analog controller to control 2 DC motors. Where one motors works of Up and Down while the other motors works on Left to Right.

  10. Bill,

    From what I understand from your comment, you should be able to use an Arduino UNO for your project as long as you use an external power supply for your servos. The Arduino will not be able to source enough current to power four servos. You should be able to drive four servos easily using this library (it is included with the Arduino IDE): Control of servo movement is explained in the link provided. As for your photocell, as long as you are familiar with analogRead ( you should be able to use a photocell to trigger your servos.



  11. hi there just would like to fine out what this arduino uno? does and how because i like to use some servos . the FOUR are going to to be used to run a coal loader one for the shutter valve and one for the chute on two different lines .so i guess im asking if i can use a double pole switch springing back to center ?so one can toggle down the chute and then use another to open the shutter valve with servo then toggle one up to close the valve with servo using the arduino? to regulate how far the movement on servos all FOUR will be used at different times and if you think i can use the arduino what one or system should i use . I do have a system that is not hooked up yet and that system is for a model train signal semaphore the goes up stops then will go up to green all is done with photo cells and a programable circuit board that starts and stops at different times it goes for 115.00 $ and that is all run buy the cells and power . so hope its not to much ? thanks

  12. Hi slamnj,

    Finding dongles that work is difficult. Even though those should work, it seems to depend on the batch. If I remember correctly, I purchased mine from the eBay link (on the post). However, of the two dongles I purchased from the eBay link, one arrived broken. The dongles from you link should work, but I cannot guarantee it. I would suggest ordering dongles from multiple places and testing them until you find one that works. I would also suggest referring to the following website, which is by the developers of the USB host shield: They sell kits that include dongles, so you may want to ask them where they get theirs.



  13. Hello Navya,

    I believe so. The PSoC5 has both SPI and I2C capability, so as long as you are able to write code equivalent to mine, you should be able to replicate my results.



  14. Hi.. I have seen your project “3d accelerometer using ardiuno..can u do that using psoc5?

  15. Harry,

    That could be a result of a number of things. Have you read your ESC’s manual. There should be information on what the beeping patterns mean.

  16. Hey Barret, Im trying to control and ESC though a PS3 controller using the UNO.
    When I power on the ESC, it keeps beeping constantly. Is this normal?
    What must I do in order to stop the beeping?

  17. The code you have will compile if you have installed the USB host shield library properly. So far everyone who has reported problems like you describe have had these errors because they failed to install the USB host shield library correctly. See this post for instructions.

  18. Hey I was working on the PS3 controlled RC car and with the code provided there were just lined and lines of errors can you help of send me your code that will compile.

  19. syedidros,

    If you’re trying to measure impact then you will want to record the G’s experienced by the object in question. You can do this using an accelerometer and recording the data on an SD card (via an SD card shield). If you’re interested in this method there are some sources I can provide.


  20. Hy bro, great works you ‘ve here. I actully have a ADXL355 sensor that works along with arduino and I’m supposed to do a project in the collage that aims to detect the position of the person by using this sensor, any thought you would share it with me i will soo thankful.

  21. hi Barret,

    I am looking for some advice on how to design a impact measuring system using arduino uno. can you help me?

  22. Hi Gyasi,

    Are you referring to my project with the RC car? If so, I’ve posted a link to my code under the embedded video.

  23. Hi there, I completed a similar project, my project was the arduino uno, bluetooth dongle, USB shield, PS3 controller and the motor shield. I don’t have any coding experience and the project halted. Do you have the code you used and would you share it. I would like to see this thing work other that the sample arduino codes I have used. Thanks so much

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