Antenna routing for Eurgle/FlySky/Imax/Turnigy 9x r/c Receiver

The Eurgle/FlySky/Imax/Turnigy 9x line of r/c transmitters are excellent for their price and how easy it is to modify them. However, their receivers are another story. Large, bulky and with a long, droopy antenna, the receivers are often difficult to mount cleanly and safely. I’ve fiddled with them quite a bit and have came up with the following solution: Drill two small holes in the side of the receiver casing and zip-tie a small tube to the side of the receiver. Then rout the antenna through the tube and fix it at the top with a zip-tie, or other tie/adhesive. Just make sure that the red portion of the antenna is fully exposed.

2014-03-10 22.37.26 2014-03-10 22.39.05


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