GPS data from the C3-370C Mini GPS module using the TinyGPS library

I’ve had a C3-370C Mini GPS module lying around for awhile that I was unable to use with my Arduino UNO because the C3-370C communicates over serial, and the UNO only has one serial port, so I was unable to connect the GPS to the UNO and the UNO to my computer to confirm that the GPS was working. However, now that I have an Arduino Mega 2560, which has four serial ports, I have been able to communicate to the C3-370C successfully using the TinyGPS library. Here’s the data feed from the C3-370C using the example code that comes with the TinyGPS library:

TinyGPS data

Note that if you are using the C3-370C, the datasheet specifies a default baud rate of 9600, but I found mine to actually be set to 4800. So if you are having trouble communicating with this, or any other GPS, be sure to try different baud rates.


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