PS3 controller with USB host shield, Bluetooth dongle, and an Arduino UNO

I’ve been considering various ways of controlling the robot I’m working on, and have decided that I want to use a PS3 controller because it has joysticks, a variety of buttons and motion sensing hardware that will be interesting to work with. Circuits@Home sells the required hardware and has available open source libraries that allow for communication between Arduinos and PS3 controllers. The plan at the moment is to use my Arduino UNO as a router between my PS3 controller, computer, and or phone, and the Arduino Mega 2560 (which will be running the robot code). This will hopefully reduce the load on the Mage, allowing for more processor intensive control algorithms (such as autonomous functions).

When I get the required hardware for communicating with the PS3 controller I will make a video of the entire setup process (for some reason no one has made a video tutorial yet). Also, If I have to make any major revisions to the example code provided by Circuits@Home, I will post my code as well.


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