Video shoot #2

Our second attempt at capturing high speed video of the stinging motions went far better than our first attempt. We managed to capture relatively high consistency in the stinging motions in only seven ten-second runs with few hiccups. We did encounter one problem, but also fixed a former one.

First, the new problem. There was what looked like a piece of dust on the lens, but was discovered to actually be on the CCD. This was fixed by cleaning the CCD with compressed air.

Second, the fixed former problem. Originally, we put the scorpion on ice to make them docile, but this resulted in a long warm-up period. This time we managed to secure the scorpion without cooling it first. This was slightly more difficult than before, but eliminated the warm-up period, thus allowing us to start shooting earlier.

I uploaded the best of the videos to YouTube:

Here are some pictures:


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