Mirror box construction

Today, John and I constructed the mirror box and trigger mechanism.

The wood was precut to spec (see Initial mirror box design), so all we had to do was drill and countersink the wholes. After finishing the woodwork, we then had to figure out how to mount the mirrors at 45 degrees. I suggested using 90 degree corner brackets and bending them to 45 degrees. This worked very well. We then attached the mirrors to the brackets with velcro for easy removal. Next I attached the restrainment mechanism I had prototyped earlier (see Initial restrainment mechanism design) with hot glue to the bottom of the mirror box. We then attached the servo and pushrod and connected all the electronics (see Initial sting-trigger mechanism design). After finishing all this we tested it.


Although the entire system (mirrors, electronics, etc.) ran without a glitch, there was one issue: The scorpion would not sting the foam block. When tickled with soft foam or a paintbrush however, the scorpion responded by stinging it violently.

Modifications to be made:

Switch out the hard foam for soft foam, and if that doesn’t create a stinging response, try a paintbrush (entire physical setup will have to be changed for paintbrush, which is why I chose to try soft foam first).


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